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Dee Rouse Huth
Executive Director


CIJT provides it's students the professionalism and skills for success in the jewelry industry as a designer, bench jeweler, stone setter, gemologist, appraiser or jewelry sales professional. We provide it all, including workshops in several specialty fields.

Classes are all independent - when any one session is completed, the student has gained enough skills to work in a jewelry industry setting. Maximum session fee is $2500.00, which includes supplies and tuition. Attending full time, the sessions can be completed in 6 weeks and everything is project directed. Some students take less time than others and complete a session early. They are allowed additional time to receive additional work for practice by working on new projects..

Because CIJT's is project based, each day you are building on what you have learned while acquiring a set of life long skills, designed to hone professionalism.

The curriculum is self directed which means that you, with the supervision and guidance of the instructors, take responsibility for each of your projects. You are in a work environment that is exactly like working on a job, a very engaging and enjoyable job with jewelers of every skill level in your environment. Instructors are fully versed in the art of the trade with education and work experience in the real world.

Many sessions are geared towards those who have studied or worked in the trade previously and need upgrading and/or more practice or a fresh new look at the new things out there. It is not uncommon for us to train employees of shops or owners of shops who need to tune up their skills. Many students who are already jewelers enroll in our stone setting classes, either beginning, advanced or both, and/or take 3 weeks of fabrication until their repair skills are up to speed. All sessions are priced for the individual student.

CIJT can meet the needs of most anyone wanting to study jewelry making, gemology, and appraising. Our school has something for everyone. The fresh approach, the comfortable learning environment, and the willingness to learn are huge in your success. Even if you are not sure about this, you will never be happy unless you try it; ask for a short trial period. Check out our testimonials.

Starting on your first day, you are immersed in the language, tools, and environment of the jeweler’s bench. The instruction is intensive and self-directed with the supervision of the full-time instructors. The classroom setting replicates a traditional jeweler’s setting. You will have your designated bench and tools and receive hands-on training comparable to the real world. There is the added benefit of studying with students who have the same goals and interests in a professional setting.

We offer assistance in job placement for those graduates who request this service. We do receive numerous requests for our students from all over the USA. Our graduates are highly sought after in a very competitive jeweler job market and their employers report that they possess strong, basic skills, great attitudes, and are eager to learn more.

Jewelry making and design is one of the oldest, most rewarding, and respected crafts. If one has developed the skills to become a certified bench jeweler under the Jewelers of America standards, we encourage you to ask for the criteria. You can look at the requirements, see where you need help and we can assist you. Our instructors are professionals and have the established minimum of 7 years working at the bench and more. All of our instructors have real world experience in manufacturing, retail, and design.

CIJT is the Allied Teaching Center and Allied Gem Tutorial Center, in the USA, for the Canadian Gemological Association, providing training in their gemology program. After successful completion of this program, students may opt to take the CGA gemological examinations for the FCGmA certification and to apply for entry into the Association.

The California Institute of Jewelry Training is affiliated with the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA). The CGA is the owner of the program and has authorized CIJT to teach its courses, with conditions from CGA. It is not a requirement that all the courses be taken and scheduled for examination. The students can take what they need or desire in their gemological education.The MasterValuer™ Jewelry Appraisal Program is the premier jewelry appraisal education program in the world. Created in 1990 by Anna Miller, the course is known and respected by the entire appraisal industry. In order to be a licensed appraiser in Canada, the appraiser must complete the MasterValuer™ program. The course is available in many countries throughout the world, both in residence and correspondence. There are two courses, one is a 30-lesson curriculum and the other is a MasterValuer™ three-day workshop held in various part of the U.S, Canada, and Sweden.

Continuing education is available for you to enhance your current jewelry knowledge and give you greater opportunities with your career. We do not offer any certificate programs, but teach you the skills to test for Jewelry Arts with Jewelers of America and Gemology with the Canadian Gemmological Association.

The California Institute of Jewelry Training is not governed by any public agency. CIJT is a member of the Jewelers of America (JA), Better Business Bureau, American Gem Trade (AGTA), Accredited Gemologist Association (AGA), California Jewelers Association (CJA), Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA), Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA), the Association of Independent Jewelry Valuers (AIJV), and Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

It is important to call with questions. We do have the answers and the references that include literally hundreds of employers and students. We are training our jewelers to be successful. They work in the trade as employees or self-employment after they are ready. Apprenticeships are available as another option for graduates to receive real-world mentoring before they go out on their own. Thank you for your kind attention. Call us.

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