Jewelry Arts | Master Valuer | Canadian Professional Gemmology

We offer the following courses, including custom designed programs:

Jewelry Arts:

Jewelry Design Advanced Stone Setting and Fabrication
Jewelry Making Advanced Fabrication
Jewelry Repair : Wax modeling/casting
Beginning Fabrication Manufacturing
Intermediate Fabrication Digital Goldsmith - Gemvision
Beginning Stone setting Matrix – Gemvision
Miscellaneous Cad/cam Train with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM jewelry design software.

Specialty Jewelry Art Workshops:

Enameling/Cloissone Piercing
Metal Weaving Wire Wrapping
Filigree Embossing
Precious Metal Clay Granulation

Gemology Professional and Practical Courses

Beginning Preliminary Diamond Grading (one week)
Intermediate Gem Idendification (one week)
Practical Jewelry Appraisal Professional course

MasterValuerâ„¢ Professional Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Retail Sales/ Entrepreneurship

  • Session one - Beginning
  • Session two - Intermediate
  • Session three - Advanced