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MasterValuer™ Program

The MasterValuer™ Program in Professional Jewelry Appraisal Studies was the only widely available course of its type when developed and introduced by Anna Miller . Up until its debut, appraisal education was restricted to offerings by private appraisal organizations who also presented appraisal evaluations with all types of subject matter, i.e. real estate, antiques and collectables.

Although Anna Miller passed away early in 2003, her legacy of high-quality education through the MasterValuer™ Program has continued and grown under the direction of Co-directors, Dee Rouse Huth and Dr. Sang Ki Kim of MasterValuer™ Korea in Seoul, Korea. Along with 3 additional cities in Korea, classes are held in Hong Kong, Vancouver BC, Toronto ON, and various workshops thoughout the US and Canada. It began in 1993 and continues today.

The MasterValuer™ program continues with a strong presence throughout the industry and it is important to know that the program is timeless. Periodical additions and updates are made to the course and the two required text books, also written by Anna M. Miller, Gems and Jewelry Appraisal and Illustrated Guide to Jewelry Appraisal are updated regularly by Gemologist/Appraisers; both are currently in the 3rd edition and are available on

In addition to the text updates, many additional classes regarding specific treatments and stone identification continue to be presented. The MasterValuer™ program teaches the methods, the system, the ability to learn from resources, identifying gold content, jewelry and doing research on comparables to assist in the proper valuations and determinations to develop the opinion of the Appraiser.

The MasterValuer™ Program has been taught in many countries, including Canada, England, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Sweden. It has been translated into French, Korean and Chinese. In the United States , the MasterValuer™ Program will be taught exclusively through the California Institute of Jewelry Training in Sacramento - both in residence and through distance education.

You are informed of periodic updates and news concerning the MV program. We invite all MasterValuer™ graduates to provide us with their current contact information.

The MasterValuer™ program residence classes and workshops will be conducted at the California Institute of Jewelry Training, Toronto and Vancouver Canada. International classes are offered in Korea , Hong Kong , Sweden and China.

See our MasterValuer™ Web site for course and enrollment details.