Staff Biographies

The full time and part time instructors at CIJT, are experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable in teaching and versatile jewelry industry leaders.

They share a basic goal of teaching, leading and guiding toward success of each of our students. They are expertly supported by the support staff of all employees at CIJT.

Goldsmiths are a breed of skilled craftsmen and women who have chosen a distinct path of mechanical prowess. And artistic talent is good but not necessary to become an excellent goldsmith.

Professional Jewelers do not carelessly put things together for a finished product, do not skimp on materials or quality, consider themselves accountable and sincere, are honorable and respect their profession , have opportunities to move forward in the industry because their carefully earned reputation follows them where ever they go. Integrity is lasting.

Dee Rouse Huth, Director, Founder of CIJT
Dee founded CIJT in 1979 to provide training for the jewelry trade. She has 35 years of jewelry industry experience to include Jewelry Design, Sales, Management and Education. In previous years coordinated jewelry training program for American River Community College in Sacramento, Ca., owned retail stores in the Sacramento area to include D’s Jewelry Design and Supply and Bramble’s Jewelers.

Dee also has participated in civic and community projects to maintain communications with employers and the support of the community and industry peer group. Dee teaches GemVision, computer aided design, a state of the art point of sale jewelry design program and consults schools in foreign countries for developing jewelry educational centers.

Dee is also the Co-International Director of Master Valuer International, a jewelry appraisal educational program. She has also assisted in the establishment of Indian Institute of Jewellery in Mumbai, India and has partnership with MasterValuer Jewelry Appraisal Program in Seoul, South Korea.

Dee in India

Dee in Korea