• "After graduating college with a BA in Studio Art, I worked in a doctor's office for 10 months. Very quickly I realized that I really needed to do something creative with my future. I wanted to find a way to use the skills I had learned in college and felt that jewelry could fulfill that desire. Coming to CIJT has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am a studio jewelry designer now in my home town, Suffern, NY after spending 6 months as an apprentice at CIJT after completing the six-module program." - Margo Konikoff, Suffern, NY. Note: Margo's first show in New York resulted in 12 personal sales. Congratulations, Margo!

  • "I have reviewed the California Institute of Jewelry Training curriculum… I consider this background to be an advantage to any applicant seeking employment in my firm. I highly recommend the school and their program." – Mark London, Mark London Design, Davis, CA

  • "I love CIJT! I have attended other similar schools in the past, but this school has surpassed all of my expectations.The instructors are great and always willing and able to answer all of my questions. Great learning atmosphere!" -Laura Guerrero Peat

  • "As you know, the MasterValuer™ Program is the first answer I give to any aspiring individual looking for education in the area of the Appraisal Sciences, particularly in the field of Jewelry Appraising.The MVP course is the best investment one can make, bar none, because of the information available in the course and the time it takes to complete and mostly because of the quality of the instructors involved. I am continuously recommending the program." –Barry S. Block, GG, CSM-NAJA, ASA, Master Gemologist Appraiser® Registered Master Valuer #1051402, President/Founder The Jewelry Judge, Ltd.

  • "I love it here. The atmosphere here is so positive and happy all the time! The instructors are wonderful! I really enjoy lecture time, I learn so much from them and they inspire me to want to learn more. I especially liked the pearl and amber video." -Jennifer

  • "Individually, I would give each of my instructors a 100%… I learned a lot and they made sure I had fun learning." –Renae Nakagawa

  • "I am very pleased with my experience here and would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in this field." –Patricia Gregory

  • "All instructors and staff takes care of international students well and that means a lot to me. I really enjoyed this school and had a good time." –Ryogo Kotake

  • "Your level of instruction and hands-on approach was far beyond what we expected. My son has been able to find immediate employment, and his employer was very pleased by the skill level you were able to teach him. I can highly recommend your program." –W.B. Hood

  • "I have received an overview of the contents for a Jewelry Retail and Sales Executive Sales program…I feel that this may be a good opportunity for jewelers in the Sacramento area to get a first hand evaluation of a person before the interview. I have and would consider employing graduates of this program when I have the need for a jewelry retail sales position. I have hired graduates from CIJT in the Jewelry Arts and Repair field for many years as needed. They are the first place I call when I want a good apprentice." –Harvey W. Roper, Roper’s Jewelers, Inc., Auburn, Ca

  • "I feel I have learned much more than expected for the 3-day workshop." -John Anderson

  • "I am having fun and look forward to learning more." -Carly Lopez

  • "I can’t believe my time here is up! It’s been a wonderful 8 months." –Natalie Knight

  • "Many thanks to all the staff for their help and encouragement." -Ray Diaz