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We teach you the professionalism and skills for success in the jewelry industry as a designer, bench jeweler, stone setter, gemologist or jewelry sales professional

Upcoming Classes
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$69 for a four hour Precious Metal Clay Class


$99 for a six hour advanced Precious Metal Clay OR Metalsmithing Class.

We have dozens of local artisans giving demonstrations and teaching classes at CIJT.

Workshops are held nearly every Saturday.
More classes being added all the time - watch or call for details.

Workshop Schedule
Sept 20
Sept 20 PMC
Sept. 27
Metalsmithing 102 (Piercing/ Soldering)
Oct 11 PMC
Oct 18 PMC
Nov 8 PMC
Nov 8 Wire Wrapping
Jewelry Arts
Wed (eves)
Jewelry Arts
Tu/Th (eves)
Enroll early
Classes fill quickly

New Jewelry Arts
Classes Starting the
1st Monday each month.
Call for registration information.

Wednesday Evening Jewelry Arts Classes- Ongoing
Open Enrollment


MasterValuer™ Jewelry Appraisal - Resident Course
November 2014- (4 weeks
) For more information, follow this link: Master Valuer


FCGmA Gemology
Starts September 9th
Testing in January 2015


New classes added all the time.

  • Lost Wax (model making and casting)
  • Metal Art (for the yard and home)
  • Enameling
  • Sand Casting
  • Wire Wrapping
  • Gem Stone Carving
  • Basic Metal Work
  • Silversmithing
  • Metal Weaving
  • Blacksmithing
  • Found Object Jewelry (Resin jewlery)


Gemology Training

Class starts Fall 2014
(Preliminary and Diploma Levels)
Testing January 2015


Come visit us at our new location!
4854 San Juan Avenue
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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California Institute of Jewelry Training



We have programs to meet all of your jewelry needs.

No matter what stage you find yourself in life, high school or college graduate or happily reitred and looking for a "second career," we have the tools and curriculum for you. We can fine tune any previous experience you may have or complement your jewelry or art degree with our customizable, project-oriented curriculum.

  • Flexible Curriculum to suit your schedule and skill level
  • High-quality tools and state-of the-art studio use for students
  • Day and evening classes available
  • Hands-on training with professional silver and goldsmiths

We offer professional Gemology and Master Valuer™ appraisal classes.

  • Full theory and practical instruction provided
  • Hands-on work with gemstones and gemological instruments.
  • Master Valuer™ is the first widely available jewelry appraisal program of its kind
  • Learn the "golden skill" of jewelry appraisals
  • Residence and distance education courses available
  • Earn your internationally recognized CGA Gemology diploma or Gemology fellowship (FCGmA)


CIJT is in full support of our military veterans. We try to do all we can to assist them in their transition back to civilian life and we are proud that two of our staff are US Army veterans.


PMC Class August 30, 2014
Silversmithing Class August 30, 2014

Check us out on Facebook for more classes and current projects we are working on!

For Our International Students:

International students with Traveling Visas: Contact us for course information. Special programs set up for your school. See Project and Management Design for International programs.
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So this is awkward....
We know that in this day and age, consumers like to be well-informed so they will do a lot of research before making a purchase on anything. We think this is great and we do the same thing ourselves.

Now for the awkward part....
You may have found some scathing reviews on Yelp. Honestly, most of them we feel we didn't earn. We don't feel comfortable going into detail about them as we considered the reviewers our friends, but we do have one request of you; please talk with us and form your opinion then. We would love to show you why we are still in business after over 35 years in the industry and why our track record of student training and placement is the best in the industry. Please take a moment to read the testimonials of some of the thousands of students we've had the priviledge of training here at CIJT. We love what we do and couldn't imagine doing anything else.
Come meet our family here at CIJT and see for yourself!

We'd love to hear from you.

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